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We love servicing the industrious state of Michigan and it’s pallet needs. Out headquarters in Chicago, IL has allowed us to build solid partnerships in the cities of Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Flint. In addition to the current listings in the state, we have large amounts of pallets in the nearby states of Indiana and Ohio.

Michigan is home to many industries from car manufacturing to Christmas tree farms, meaning that the state’s pallet needs vary immensely. As a result, we have pallets that range in all shapes and sizes, including standard, CHEP, EUR, box, skid, and mixed loads of pallets. While we already have numerous partnerships, we are always looking to establish more and continue to do business in the state of Michigan. We offer an array of services, including our complimentary pallet removal service (also the most popular). No matter where you are located, we’ll send one (or more) trucks to pick up your unwanted pallets--regardless of the condition--for free! Also, if you are looking to buy used pallets, and you can’t find any current listing that fit your needs, just fill out a pallet buyer form.

Additionally, if you want to sell your lightly used pallets, we will buy those from you at a great per-pallet price. We look forward to working with you!

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