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Wiley Pallets sells pallets of all different strengths, sizes, and types. It is our goal to provide customers with their exact pallet needs at the most competitive prices available. We service customers across the continental United States, so location will never be an issue! Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Fill out the pallet buyer form with all of the necessary information. You can add the date you need the pallets by and what the pallets will be used for in the additional information section.
  2. Upon finishing the pallet buyer form, we will promptly have your request sourced and send you an email verifying that we have received your order request.
  3. When we have located the pallets that you need we will give you a call to establish the pick-up or shipping arrangements. We always try to find the pallets in locations closest to you in order to minimize the shipping costs without sacrificing specifications or quality.

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