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Wiley Pallets will happily remove and purchase your used pallets from any location in the continental United States. We will provide payment for pallets that are in good condition or are the standard 48 x 40 pallet size.  We are always looking for more pallet generators and manufacturers who produce a large volume of pallets. 

  1. Complete the used Pallet Seller form with all of the necessary information and request a pick-up.
  2. Once your request is processed, a member of our Wiley Pallet Team will reach us via phone or email to gather any additional info.
  3. After your request is approved and an agreement on price, we will schedule the shipping arrangements for you. We will pay you a competitive per-pallet price depending on the Grade of the pallets.

Pallet Seller Form

This form will allow us to understand where you are located, the types of pallets you have, as well as the number of pallets you’re looking to sell

Wiley Pallet offers free pallet pick ups

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Shipping Arrangements

We will take care of all of the shipping logistics for you.

You Get Paid!

Depending on the quality (Grade) of the pallets, we’ll pay you a competitive per-pallet amount!

We look forward to doing business with you!