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Wiley Pallets can proudly service all of your pallet needs all over the great state of California. Where do we do business? Well, we have many established connections in Southern, Central, and Northern California. The cities that we currently have listings in include Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, and Fresno. We also have a large supply of pallets in the nearby states of Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon. The three most common pallet sizes are 48 x 40. 42 x 42. 48 x 48.  Wiley Pallet offers Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C used pallets in California. The Majority of our pallets are 4-way or -2way entry pallets. Our inventory includes stringer and block pallets.  We recognize the size of California’s economy, which is why we are constantly seeking out new partnerships and suppliers. We also offer a complimentary used pallet removal service which is one of our most popular services. If you have any bulk used pallets, we will pick them up for free, no matter where you are located, and cover all of the shipping expenses. To get started, we ask you to please fill out the pallet removal form. Also, if you would like to sell your pallets, we will happily purchase them from you. We look forward to doing business with you!

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