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We will gladly work with you to help you buy or sell used pallets in the state of New Mexico.

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Why use Wiley Pallets in New Mexico?

We are excited to announce that we can now provide all of your pallet needs in the state of New Mexico. We have already established partnerships in Albuquerque, and are actively looking to build upon that. We also point out that we have a large inventory of pallets in Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas, so we will be able to fulfill your pallet needs with reasonable shipping prices. The only thing you need to do before purchasing your pallets is fill out the pallet buyer form. Once your request is submitted it we will source it immediately. One of the most popular services we provide to the New Mexico residents is our complimentary pallet recycling service. We will send one (or more) of our trucks to your location to pick up all of your unwanted pallets and eat all costs. Lastly, if you want to sell your used pallets, we will gladly purchase those from you at a competitive price. We look forward to working with you!