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We happily service our customer’s pallets needs in the state of Minnesota.

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Learn more about Wiley Pallets in Minnesota

Looking to purchase pallets? We are proudly serving customers across the entire state of Minnesota. The state of 10,000 lakes has an abundance of pallets, especially in certain areas such as the cities of Minneapolis and Rochester. We also have a large number of pallets in the nearby states of Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa. The expansive range of industries in Minnesota provides standard, CHEP, block, skid, EUR, and mixed loads of pallets. One thing to point out is that Minnesota provides access to the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Ontario. This matters because this provides a transnational shipping lane into Canada. Also, we provide a complimentary pallet recycling service to Minnesota natives! Regardless of where you are located, we will gladly come to pick up and dispose of your unwanted pallet products free of charge. Additionally, if there aren’t any current listings that suit your needs, just fill out a pallet buyer form. On the flip side, if you are looking to sell your used pallets, we will happily buy them from you. Note: the pallets must be in either A or B grade condition. We look forward to working with you!