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The state of Wisconsin is a very important state to our company in terms of our pallet business. With its close proximity to our headquarters which is located in Chicago, we have actively sought to make connections in all major cities in the state. Wiley Pallet has local supplies of 48 x 40 pallets in the cities of Milwaukee, Madison, and Kenosha, and are still actively seeking locations in Green Bay and Waukesha. Also, our suppliers in the nearby states of Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois can provide your pallet needs at cheap freight costs. One of the most popular services that we provide to our customers in the state of Wisconsin is our complimentary used pallet removal service. Regardless of where your business is located within the state of Wisconsin, we are more than happy to pick up and dispose of all of your unwanted pallets at no cost to your company. Also, if you have lightly used pallets that are in good condition that you want to sell, we will compensate you for each pallet at a competitive price. Lastly, if none of our current listings fit your current pallet needs, just fill out the short pallet buyer form. Upon completion of the form, we will have your request sourced as soon as possible and will reach out to you shortly after. We look forward to doing business with you.

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