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Wiley Pallets in South Dakota

We are actively seeking partnerships in the state of South Dakota. If you currently have any lightly used pallets, we suggest you fill out a pallet seller form. Since we are seeking customers within the Mount Rushmore state, we will gladly pay for your pallets at a very competitive per pallet rate. Although we do not have significant amounts of inventory in the state yet, we are still fully capable, and more than happy to fulfill all of your pallet needs. We have inventory in the bordering states of Iowa and Minnesota. Simply fill out a pallet buyer form, and we will have your request sourced as soon as possible, while we ensure minimal shipping costs. Lastly, one of the most popular features that we offer to all customers is our complimentary pallet recycling service. It is extremely essential that all pallets are disposed of and recycled correctly. So we will happily send one (or more) of our trucks to your location to pick up your unwanted pallet inventory, and we will pay all of the costs involved in doing so. We look forward to doing business with you!